AG CORNER: Reducing deer, rabbit damage to your landscape – Stillwater News Press

White-tailed deer and cottontail rabbit both have a broad diet and sometimes damage garden and ornamental plants. Damage to hosta, rubeckia, pansy, peas, beans, rose, blackberry, and many low growing trees is common. Turf damage is typically minor. Fortunately, homeowners have several options for reducing damage to an acceptable level.

Repellants have been found to provide limited effectiveness with putrid egg solids or thiram based products having the highest reported effectiveness. A problem with all repellants is that they must be applied to a large portion of the plant to provide protection and they must be reapplied frequently. Expect to reapply every couple of weeks at minimum, although rain and direct sunlight will necessitate more frequent reapplication. This becomes expensive and frustrating and unless the plant is of high value, probably not a realistic solution for most situations. Areas with higher deer density and/or lower food resources