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The Lubbock franchise of Three Dog Bakery makes all-natural, high-quality, wholesome treats for dogs.

Angie Castillo thinks about her dog, Scratchy, all the time. When she was a teenager growing up in Post, Texas, Scratchy lived to the ripe old canine age of 18.

When Castillo first began the process of opening the Lubbock franchise of Three Dog Bakery, now located near 98th and Slide, she took a deep dive into the grade and quality of dry dog foods. She kept hearing from dog food representatives who touted their high-quality dog foods or organic dog foods or whole raw foods, all formulated by nutritional scientists. But Castillo knew Scratchy had survived nearly two decades on a standard kibble – the cheap, old-school stuff. “Why were they telling me that brand was no good?”

One by one, the food reps kept asking her about Scratchy’s home environment. Where did Scratchy live? On a farm in Texas.

Did he spend a lot of time outdoors? Yes. He was a farm dog.

Did he ever hunt for rabbits or other animals? Well, sure. All the time.

That’s when the experts always raised their eyebrows or nodded their heads in acknowledgment. An occasional hunter, Scratchy was supplementing his diet on his own, following his natural instinct for raw meat.

“That was my ‘aha’ moment,” Castillo says. “A dog will not starve itself. Dogs will eat when they’re hungry. We just didn’t know much about dog nutrition. Scratchy was out there hunting all his life. He ate what was