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My eight-year-old daughter has two one-year-old female rabbits. They are littermates and have plenty of space, are seemingly content and don’t mind being picked up. I’ve noticed that one of them has some dandruff along its back. Do you know why?

David says: “This is a problem best looked at by your vet, as it is very likely they will want to take some samples to check for mites. This is a common problem.

“Many cases are almost asymptomatic and cause no apparent distress to the rabbit.

“There are several reasons dandruff could develop, ranging from failure to groom properly due to mouth problems or obesity, to development of an allergic response.

Pet Rabbit
There are several reasons for dandruff in rabbits (stock image)

“The mite, which is called cheyletiella, was first discovered more than 100 years ago, yet still causes problems to the present day.

“Dogs and cats have their own varieties of the same mite, but all three common species can transfer between dogs, cats and rabbits if there is contact between them.

“It is less common in dogs and cats, most probably because they are routinely treated for fleas, which also kills mites.

“Most rabbits display few symptoms, as mentioned, but some do develop dandruff along the