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A cat owner called the Columbia Falls Police Department because she wanted “advice regarding her cat.” She explained her kitty got into a neighbor’s rabbit hutch, causing the rabbit to become scared and break its leg. The rabbit owner wanted the cat owner to pay the bill for the broken leg but the cat owner said she didn’t think that was fair “as the cat didn’t mean for the rabbit to be hurt.”

A 9-year-old girl told her father a group of boys in a park pulled a knife on her and her friend. She said the boys tried to cut the ropes of the swings the girls were using. Her father went back to the park after the incident but apparently couldn’t locate the youths.

A neighbor suspected a boy nearby was dealing drugs. The neighbor didn’t provide information about the source of her suspicions, besides telling law enforcement the boy had “been keeping [her] up for the last week.”

There was a complaint about a “suspicious male”