Vet answers if it best to bottle or not to bottle – NW Evening Mail

DEAR PDSA Vet: I think that my rabbit Toffee is drinking more than normal – is this ok? Is it best to provide my rabbit with water in a bowl or a bottle? Thanks, Paul

Excessive drinking can be a sign of a medical problem, so I recommend taking Toffee to a vet for a health check in the first place. Changes in temperature and what your rabbit’s eating can also affect how much they drink. Check for the latest advice on feeding. Rabbits usually prefer to drink from bowls rather than bottles, as it’s more natural for them. Bowls should be checked frequently throughout the day, cleaned and refilled with fresh water regularly as rabbits can tip them over or even poo in them! If using a bottle you should regularly check that the dropper is not blocked, but think about what would suit your rabbit best.

Dear PDSA Vet: Over the past couple of weeks, my rat Remy has had a snotty nose, a cough and been quite sleepy. Remy is only three, so what would you suggest to make him King Rat again? James

It sounds like Remy could have a respiratory infection, which is quite common in rats. This can cause symptoms like the snotty nose, coughing and tiredness you describe. Because of his small size, Remy could become very ill very quickly, so you will need to take him to see your vet as soon