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DEAR PDSA Vet: My bunny, Thumper, keeps thumping his back legs whenever the next door neighbour’s cat comes into our garden. Why does he do this?

Rabbits thump their legs like this when they are alarmed and nervous. If your rabbit lives alone he will feel scared and vulnerable, as rabbits are very social and should live with at least one other rabbit for comfort and companionship. In the wild, thumping is a signal to other rabbits that there is danger nearby. Your rabbit feels threatened and anxious when your neighbour’s cat comes in to your garden, so it is important that you make sure he has somewhere to hide, so he can feel safe. Try giving him some large tubes and cardboard boxes in his exercise run that he can retreat to. Rescue charities can help you to bond your rabbit to another bunny that needs a home, that way you’ll have two happy rabbits.

Dear PDSA Vet: Our dog Horace has started to wet himself every night when he’s asleep. What can we do to help him? Aaron

Your vet will need to check Horace over. There are some medical problems which can cause pets to do this, including incontinence, diabetes or kidney problems. You can help Horace by taking him out to toilet regularly throughout the day and last thing at night, so he doesn’t go to bed with a full bladder and make sure he goes out