MARTINO: Resolve to spend time outdoors in 2021 Sports – Kokomo Tribune

Without question, 2020 has changed our lives forever and not necessarily for the better.

It will definitely be a year we will always remember. Thanks, COVID. But now it’s time to move on and focus on what the upcoming year will hold.

Sooner or later we all do it. Every January a huge book of resolutions is offered up by people of all ages. Unfortunately the binding is not strong enough to hold it all together and after a few short weeks the only thing left are a few ripped pages. Yes, these annual promises make a liar out of most of us.

Health-oriented resolutions are the most popular, often the most difficult and frequently, the first to go. Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise more and imbibe less are all favorites, at least for a moment.

Then there are long-term resolutions like painting the house next