Adopt a Pet: Salty and Pepper – The Times

Salty and Pepper

Just as their names indicate, Salty and Pepper came as a pair and are available for adoption at the Beaver County Humane Society in Center Township.

Because they are bonded, they must be adopted together. The staff at the shelter said they are quite the dynamic duo — both like to be pet and held — and they love to eat fresh veggies. The rabbits also enjoy playing with toys.

The bunnies are indoor pets only. 

Each rabbit has its own personality, and they can live for more than 10 years. They require space and commitment and can be costly. They are social animals who want attention.

Rabbits are fragile and have delicate spines, so their owner must be educated on proper rabbit handling. Because of this, rabbits do best with adults and older children.

Rabbits need a large cage with a hide shelter, water bottle and food bowl, toys like balls and chew sticks, and a hay rack. They can be litterbox trained, which means they also need a litterbox. A healthy rabbit’s diet consists of 80% hay with timothy, grass and oat hays for older rabbits and alfalfa hay for young rabbits. Rabbits also need a large variety of vegetables and greens, a limited amount of rabbit food pellets, and the very occasional sugary treat like carrots or berries.

Rabbits get bored just like people, so they enjoy