Andy Schafermeyer’s Adventures Afield: It’s January and the cats and rabbits are out – The Union Leader

MOST of my adventures afield involve the study and pursuit of fish. Regardless of season, climate, or the level of absurdity, I find myself in constant motion as it relates to those creatures that swim with mystical ease throughout our waterbodies and subsequently haunt my dreams.

Occasionally, angling adventures overlap with other activities such as camping, hiking and, on very special occasions, hunting. The first two weeks of October, for example, offer trout fishing and bird hunting at such a fantastic level that my shotgun and fly rod often share the same seat in my truck. This overlap in seasons also exists in January as ice fishing and rabbit hunting provide me with dual choices for outdoor activities.

Last week, I was standing alone on a small pond in Milan trying to jig up enough yellow perch to make fish tacos for dinner that night. Among the cold silence,