10 farming ideas that will be lucrative in 2021 – Food For Mzansi

Farming can be an unforgiving business. However, as we have learnt during the coronavirus lockdown, the agricultural sector is highly resilient and meaningful – if you’re adaptable and brave enough to make some clever moves. Here is a list of ten ideas for lucrative, small-scale farming in 2021.

Despite being a technical and volatile business, farming can be one of the most satisfying jobs to see your produce grow, regardless if it is animals or crops. Just remember to do market research before you jump into the farming game, as you might end up with a high yield, but nowhere to sell your produce.

1. Fast-growing produce

According to Farming South Africa, these are the most promising produce you should plant for fast and profitable returns:

2. Chickens

Chickens are considered multipurpose animals because they are a great source of eggs, meat, and fertiliser. Farming South Africa lists the following livestock options for farmers who want a quick profit after investing in their farming enterprise:

  • Broiler chickens grow fast. You can start selling them after just five weeks and make some profit.
  • Layer chickens take longer to grow and to start producing eggs, but you can buy young layers and start making profit in a short period of time.

3. Rabbits

Rabbit farming in South Africa involves the breeding of rabbits for the meat industry as well as for the use of fur and wool. Photo: SuppliedSource…